Friday, 26 November 2010

Sporting Integrity? Don't be ridiculous!

Bruised, beaten and battered.

The integrity of the Scottish Football Association will be licking it's wounds now as we approach matchday after an embarrassing saga which now leaves Hugh Dallas and five other employees out of a job.

And for that, well done Celtic Football Club. I hope your happy.

Apparently, it's a conspiracy, and there's an anti-celtic and anti-catholic agenda down Hampden way. Apparently, referees have been conspiring against Celtic since 1888. Apparently, if it wasn't for referees then they'd be the greatest football team of all time. Apparently, the whole world is against Celtic Football Club.

Scotland's (or Ireland's) shame has brought embarrassment upon Scottish Football yet again. As SFA supremo George Peat put it, "a culture of innuendo and conspiracy theories have tarnished the image of the game".

Sadly, the Scottish FA didn't have the bottle to name, shame and hammer the sole cause of this embarrassment. If the referees are coming under excessive criticism from certain people and certain club - then let's hear it. Don't hide away, bring Scottish Football to it's knees then try to ignore it.

What's going to be the next step?

If referee's are receiving death threats after making correct decisions against Celtic, then what's it going to be like when they return?

Abused and threatened for making correct decisions. Sky footage during the Dundee United v Celtic game showed the extent of Celtic fans launching conkers at referees. Anything being done about that?

Out of Europe by August - Braga was the referee's fault. So was Utrecht.
Celtic's penalty being overturned (Correct decision) - Referee abused.
Catholic referee Willie Collum is now a 'hun' apparently.
You could be here all day.

Neil Lennon calling the forth official every name under the sun. A controversial free-kick for Dundee United before their equaliser last week. Embarrassing. And where was Lennon condemning the referee for refusing to give a foul against Majstorovic's blatant barge on Goodwillie which might have cost them 3 points?

What's even more embarrassing is our Scottish media's coverage of the whole scenario. The day of Scotland's champions and European representatives clash with Manchester United, guess what dominated the back four pages?

But, apparently, the media are all 'anti-celtic' and full of 'hunnism'. Yes, 'hunnism'.

And now the catholic church and Celtic football club are calling the biggest decision in Scottish Football for decades. Cardinal Keith O'Brien called for action over Hugh Dallas sending what he calls "a deeply offensive" image - which is pure bullshit - to other employees.

What did Cardinal Keith O'Brien have to say about Sheep duo Diamond and Paton calling for all protestants to be burned? Silly question.

What did he have to say about Ayr United's Scott McLaughlin making sectarian comments towards protestants?

What did he have to say about pro-IRA chants at football matches? After all, he was quick to dismiss the famine song wasn't he?

And this horrible football club still gets away with abusing our armed forces. What was that they said about the poppy again?

UEFA and FIFA are against politics and religion intervening into football. By that logic, then the Scottish FA should be facing a good skelping after Regan's handling of the situation. So it's okay for the Catholic church to decide who is employed by the SFA?

Time to shame these people for bringing Scottish Football into chaos and time to hammer the media for their pathetic coverage of this embarrassing mess.

Celtic Football Club - Embarrassed by nothing, Offended by everything since 1888.

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